Weemen Haps

Kokerbijl 1 
5443 PV Haps 
the Netherlands

T +31 485 33 66 11
E haps@weemen.nl

Weemen Uden

Liessentstraat 9a
(visiting address only)
5405 AH Uden
the Netherlands

T +31 413 72 91 50
E gemert@weemen.nl

Weemen Gelderland

Nijmegen City Centre
Jonkerbosplein 52
(visiting address only)
6534 AB Nijmegen
the Netherlands

T +31 24 220 01 50
F +31 487 51 26 60
E gelderland@weemen.nl

Weemen Limburg

Campus building Villa Flora
Villafloraweg 1
5928 SZ Venlo
the Netherlands

T +31 77 366 15 15
E limburg@weemen.nl


One of Weemen’s most important innovations is our ground-breaking brandportal. The brandportal is a tailor-made online shop for all your marketing communications and purchasing tools in one. The brandportal enables you to centrally manage all your materials and have them ordered decentrally. At the same time, the house-style rules of your organisation are guaranteed. Not to mention the costs you save, because you can do more with fewer people!

‘Manage and organise all your marketing and communication materials in a central location with the brandportal’


Imagine: you write a newsletter in the fixed templates, have the result printed (web-to-print) and at the same time publish the newsletter on the website. Or you create an ad that can then be downloaded as a PDF (web-to-publish). This is what you can do with our brandportal. You choose what you need to achieve your goal.

Templates and image bank

You can include countless templates in the brandportal: for business cards, newsletters, invitations, presentations or brochures, but also for use on social media. Weemen can design all these templates in your house style. You can also add an image bank, to enable all users to select and upload the images they need.


The brandportal also offers you the possibility to (temporarily) publish campaign-related materials, such a Christmas specials, or special offers for the summer period. These materials are then available for use online for the duration of the campaign.

Repro module

Quick and easy: the repro module in your brandportal does what it promises. You can upload the files you need at any given time, and Weemen will make sure that they are processed on our or your repro machines.



Working with a brandportal is convenient and saves you time and money. You only have to learn to work with it. That is why Weemen also provides training for your employees, so that they can get started quickly!

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