A beautiful magazine thanks to the Weemen brand portal

Een personeelsmagazine is een uiterst geschikt informatie- en ontmoetingsplatform voor werknemers, dat bovendien flink bijdraagt aan hun betrokkenheid met de organisatie. Voor NTS was het maken van zo’n magazine een behoorlijke uitdaging, daar het personeel verspreid zit over  verschillende vestigingen in Europa en Azië. Het bedrijf had behoefte aan een gebruiksvriendelijk systeem, waarmee de diverse vestigingen naast het algemene deel ook zelf een lokaal deel kunnen toevoegen en zo een personeelsmagazine op maat maken. Oplossing: de brandportal van Weemen.

Expertises Weemen

Tailor-made brandportal

Weemen’s brandportal is an online tool where you can manage, design and order marketing and communication items in one central location. The portal makes it easy to write, design and share documents with others, including the printer. This enables you to put together a tailor-made staff magazine.

NTS in Eindhoven develops, manufactures, assembles and tests complex (opto)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for large high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). Agility and precision are essential for the customers of NTS, and that is what NTS excels in.
For more information, go to:nts-group.nl.

‘A beautiful magazine, thanks to the Weemen brandportal’

The communication department can provide the group-wide information, while the various operating companies write the material for their own local sections themselves. The editors can choose from more than twenty page designs and select images from the integrated image bank or from their own archive. Weemen takes care of the printing and the print lay-out for the Netherlands; the other companies can make local arrangements using the high-resolution file available in the brandportal.


Weemen and NTS collaborated closely on the translation of their ideas for a staff magazine into clear guidelines for a magazine formula and design, plus the development of an online magazine tool. NTS Communications Specialist Dorothy Baijens is very enthusiastic about the collaboration: ‘With the help of Weemen, we have created a beautiful magazine which we can be proud of. This is also reflected in the feedback we receive from our employees. I look back on a fun, successful and constructive cooperation, with project manager Anke van de Lockant in particular.

We really enjoyed working on this project

Harr van Lieshout

Account manager

T +31 77 399 79 81
E harr@weemen.nl

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