Weemen Haps

Kokerbijl 1 
5443 PV Haps 
the Netherlands

T +31 485 33 66 11
E haps@weemen.nl

Weemen Uden

Liessentstraat 9a
(visiting address only)
5405 AH Uden
the Netherlands

T +31 413 72 91 50
E gemert@weemen.nl

Weemen Gelderland

Nijmegen City Centre
Jonkerbosplein 52
(visiting address only)
6534 AB Nijmegen
the Netherlands

T +31 24 220 01 50
F +31 487 51 26 60
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Weemen Limburg

Campus building Villa Flora
Villafloraweg 1
5928 SZ Venlo
the Netherlands

T +31 77 366 15 15
E limburg@weemen.nl

Warehouse Weemen supplies 85 locations of BMN Bouwmaterialen

BMN was voorheen opgedeeld in diverse identiteiten, wat een duidelijke branding in de markt een lastig karwei maakte. ‘Om die branding uiteindelijk toch te kunnen realiseren besloten we om te kiezen voor één identiteit voor alle vestigingen’, aldus de marketingcommunicatieafdeling van BMN. ‘Dit zorgt voor een eenduidige uitstraling in de markt en leidt bovendien tot een aanzienlijke kostenbesparing op de productie van communicatiemiddelen.’

Expertises Weemen

House style items

BMN’s new logo and house style were developed by another design agency. Weemen was asked to develop and provide all the associated house style and promotional items and to take care of stock management. We supplied them with e.g.:

  1. Stationery
  2. Envelopes
  3. Business cards
  4. Folders and binders
  5. Flags
  6. Signs
  7. Stickers
  8. Plastic bags
  9. Stone boxes???
  10. T-shirts
  11. Insulated mugs
  12. Caps
  13. Pens
  14. Key rings
  15. Pencils
  16. Mugs
  17. USB sticks

Warehousing and webshop

We also took over the stock management for BMN, and currently manage around one hundred pallets of communication materials. All eighty branches of BMN can order items from stock by simply logging in to the webshop. 

‘We have had an excellent relationship, which has been going strong for several decades’

BMN Bouwmaterialen, a company with almost 80 branches, is the market leader in the Netherlands. It offers all types of materials and services for professionals in the residential and non-residential construction industry. From wood and sheets, building shells, binding agents, chemicals, finishings and tiles, to hardware and tools. For more information, go to: bmn.nl

Why Weemen?

Weemen and BMN – and its predecessors – have had an excellent relationship for several decades. We have been supplying all types of communication materials to BMN, Procasa, Kloosterwaard and Kooy Baksteencentrum for some time, including various printed matters, but also promotional items, such as printed bags, pens, stone boxes, stickers, insulated mugs, etc. ‘We chose Weemen as our supplier mainly because of the webshop functionality they offer,’ says BMN’s marketing communication department. ‘This enables all our branches to directly order what they need.’

We really enjoyed working on this project

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