Weemen Haps

Kokerbijl 1 
5443 PV Haps 
the Netherlands

T +31 485 33 66 11
E haps@weemen.nl

Weemen Uden

Liessentstraat 9a
(visiting address only)
5405 AH Uden
the Netherlands

T +31 413 72 91 50
E gemert@weemen.nl

Weemen Gelderland

Nijmegen City Centre
Jonkerbosplein 52
(visiting address only)
6534 AB Nijmegen
the Netherlands

T +31 24 220 01 50
F +31 487 51 26 60
E gelderland@weemen.nl

Weemen Limburg

Campus building Villa Flora
Villafloraweg 1
5928 SZ Venlo
the Netherlands

T +31 77 366 15 15
E limburg@weemen.nl

Printwork (Repro)

Digital repro printing

In addition to offset and digital ink printing, Weemen is also an expert in digital repro printing and we have the best equipment and tools in house.

Weemen is fully equipped to deliver high-quality digital printwork. We have professional digital printers from Xerox at our disposal. This machine is ideal for printing letters, manuals, information booklets and business cards, but also for XXL print jobs and large-format plotting. Moreover, because we have fully automated our production process, we are able to offer our digital printing services at an extremely competitive price. In addition, the delivery times are extremely short.

‘We have the best equipment for your digital printwork’

Professional printers

The big difference between digital ink printing and digital repro printing is that with digital ink printing we use real printing ink and a screen technique. With digital repro printing, we replace the ink with a toner. In fact, we use printers that are similar to the ones you’ll find in any office environment. The difference is that our printers are much more professional and equipped with a lot of finishing options. Our digital printing process makes it possible to print very small numbers without compromising on quality.


Another major advantage of digital printing is the possibility of personalisation. This means that we can use different content for each print-out. With digital ink and repro printing, you can use different images for different target groups, or incorporate the address details of the recipient in your printwork, for a custom-made product. Because the start-up times are short, we can also keep the start-up costs low and offer you these “short run jobs” at an extremely good rate.


Never leave a job half done; that is our motto. Weemen distinguishes itself from the competition by offering customers a full in-house finishing process. This enables us to not only realise special productions, but also to guarantee the highest quality.



You can also entrust your mailings to us. Weemen has its own professional shipping department. From addressing your post and putting it in envelopes, to sealing and sending via our distributors; Weemen takes care of the entire process.

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