Weemen Haps

Kokerbijl 1 
5443 PV Haps 
the Netherlands

T +31 485 33 66 11
E haps@weemen.nl

Weemen Uden

Liessentstraat 9a
(visiting address only)
5405 AH Uden
the Netherlands

T +31 413 72 91 50
E gemert@weemen.nl

Weemen Gelderland

Nijmegen City Centre
Jonkerbosplein 52
(visiting address only)
6534 AB Nijmegen
the Netherlands

T +31 24 220 01 50
F +31 487 51 26 60
E gelderland@weemen.nl

Weemen Limburg

Campus building Villa Flora
Villafloraweg 1
5928 SZ Venlo
the Netherlands

T +31 77 366 15 15
E limburg@weemen.nl


Weemen not only produces all your printed matter, we also have a fully-equipped postage and dispatch department. Here we have everything we need to address your printwork, put it in envelopes, seal envelopes and post them. We can take away all your mailing worries.

‘Our shipping department processes your mailing in an envelope or foil package’


You provide us with an address database in advance. We carry out an internal check to see if the file is complete, and also sort the Dutch and international addresses. We then add the correct address information to the carriers – whether these are letters, envelopes or magazines.



The mailing is then put into envelopes at our special envelope filling line. This line can quickly fill the personalised envelopes with letters and any supplements, such as a leaflet. The envelopes are then automatically sealed and the mailing is ready to be sent off.

Foil sealing

Magazines and periodicals that are send as mailings are usually processed in foil packaging. More documents can be added, such as a letter, discount voucher or leaflet. The complete packages then gets a personalised address carrier.



Finally, we prepare the envelopes or foil-wrapped magazines for dispatch. We ensure that the entire batch is correctly offered to the distributor. In most cases, this is PostNL, Sandd or a local door-to-door distributor.

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