Weemen Haps

Kokerbijl 1 
5443 PV Haps 
the Netherlands

T +31 485 33 66 11
E haps@weemen.nl

Weemen Uden

Liessentstraat 9a
(visiting address only)
5405 AH Uden
the Netherlands

T +31 413 72 91 50
E gemert@weemen.nl

Weemen Gelderland

Nijmegen City Centre
Jonkerbosplein 52
(visiting address only)
6534 AB Nijmegen
the Netherlands

T +31 24 220 01 50
F +31 487 51 26 60
E gelderland@weemen.nl

Weemen Limburg

Campus building Villa Flora
Villafloraweg 1
5928 SZ Venlo
the Netherlands

T +31 77 366 15 15
E limburg@weemen.nl

E-ordering and warehousing

As an organisation, you often spend a lot of time ordering and purchasing various materials, both printed matter and promotional materials and also other items. Weemen can support you in the purchase of anything from company clothing to office supplies. The online order portal that Weemen sets up for you offers speed and convenience. The portal lists all the materials you need.

‘Weemen can support you in your purchasing process’

Central purchasing

This centralised purchasing system makes it possible to order items at low prices and in smaller numbers. This can save your organisation a lot of money. In addition, our online portals offer you insight in your inventory, so that you can continuously monitor stock levels. We can generate overviews of purchases, usage and order history.

Stock management and warehousing

You can safely leave the management of your items to Weemen via the online portal. Not only do we take care of the production of your printed materials, but we also store them for you at our warehouse. Weemen has a conditioned warehouse with more than 1,500 locations. For you, this means that Weemen keeps the printed matter and promotional materials in stock and delivers products on demand to any desired location. All this according to tailor-made agreements.

‘We deliver orders every day, both to domestic and international customers’


All our orders are processed daily and delivered to domestic and international customers. We deliver order in the area ourselves, and have agreements with external carriers for shipments further afield. Prior to shipment, the customer receives an e-mail with the track-and-trace information of the shipment. This way, they can follow the shipment, see when a delivery is made and who in the organisation signed for receipt of the package.

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