Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is important at Weemen. We put a lot of energy in building lasting relationships with our customers. But making a sustainable commitment to the environment and the world around us is at least as important to us. We believe that everyone has a right to a healthy future, as do future generations, and we try to make our contribution to this future in the best possible way. After all, everything we do today will have an effect on tomorrow.

'Everything we do today has an effect on tomorrow'

100% eco-proof

As one of the first companies in our country, our production is 100% eco-proof. In order to achieve this goal, we produce CO2-neutral, we only use green electricity and we have an ISO 14001 environmental care certificate.


In our production process, we only use environmentally-friendly materials and products, such as bio-inks and plant-based detergents. In addition, we print on FSC certified paper and dispatch our packages completely CO2-neutral.

Quality of care

Weemen has a quality management system that has been SCCI certified on the basis of the ISO 9001 standards.


Environmental care

In the field of the environment, we are also SCGM certified on the basis of the ISO 14001 standards.


Officially, only our headquarters in Haps is ISO certified. However, since we attach great importance to quality and looking after the environment, we also work in accordance with ISO standards at our other sites in Gemert, Druten and Venlo. This is verified by internal audits.


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Weemen is CO2 neutral. This means that we immediately compensate all CO2 produced by us. We do this by planting trees on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. With the additional management costs, we also provide financial support for a number of families. Every year, we calculate how much CO2 we have emitted as a company, to ensure our compensation matches our emission. 

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FSC® certification for paper

Weemen works with the FSC label, which ensures us that the raw materials for the paper we print on come from responsibly managed forests. Not only do we supply our products in accordance with FSC standards, we are also FSC-certified. Certificate Code SKH-COC-000640. Licentiecode FSC-C020257