About Weemen

Our organisation

As a company, we have gone through major changes in recent years and have become more and more professional. But in our hearts and in the way we work, we are still the same family business.

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Our story

At Weemen, we want to be an important cooperation partner for our business relations for all their website, print and promotional work, and provide them with peace of mind in all their business communication.

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Our team

All our employees have a solid educational background and are experienced in their field. Moreover, they are customer-oriented and practical. Anyone who has worked with them will agree.

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‘Our 60 enthusiastic professionals are practical and want to give our customers the best possible service’


Sustainability is important at Weemen. For example, we put a lot of energy in building lasting relationships with our customers. But making a sustainable commitment to the environment and the world around us is at least as important to us.

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